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EP 1 – Zombie Bimbo Witch: Air Date May 1, 2017

Watch the first episode in this seven part web series (air date schedule).

Rebel witches decide to take matters into their own hands and summon a long lost heir (Reese) to see if she has the power needed to break the curse destroying their Island’s magical core.

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Zombie Bimbo Witch - read the first companion book to the Lovely Witches Club web series!

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Prince Edward Island’s power is dying—without the lost magic of their deceased coven leader to feed it, it’s doomed to perish or be absorbed by another territory. When four rebel witches uncover a curse that hid the presence of an heir to that magic from them, they send for her to heal what has been broken. But this daughter of ancient power has spent her life outside all things witchy and it will take more than loyalty to the Island or the sisterhood to lure her home.

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By award-winning author (and Lovely Witches Club Co-Founder) Patti Larsen!

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