☆ Lovely Witches Club Ep 3 ☆

EPISODE 3 “Pagan Poser” – Air Date/May 15, 2017

Watch the third episode in this seven part web series (air date schedule).

Reese is annoyed at the LWC for trying to recruit her and decides to check out ‘the competition’ to get more information for her documentary.

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Reese struggles with frustration over the secrets she knows the Lovely Witches are keeping from her despite hiring her to make their documentary. What do they want from her? So when the chance to film another “coven”—one she’s positive is a fraud show meant to fool the foolish—arises, she jumps at it, if only to prove to herself the whole idea is bunk. Isn’t it?

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By award-winning author (and Lovely Witches Club Co-Founder) Patti Larsen!

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