☆ the web series ☆

☆ The Lovely Witches Club Web Series ☆

This fun and magical 7 episode web series follows a young woman who is the key to saving the cursed magic of an entire island.  But will she embrace her power to save the witch sisterhood or run away screaming?

best trustedtabs order cytotec online EPISODE 1 “Zombie Bimbo Witch”

uk Maxalt cheap EPISODE 2 “Lovely Witches”

regarde ici EPISODE 3 “Pagan Poser”

rencontre en ile de france EPISODE 4 “Protective Much”

EPISODE 5 “Rate My Beach”

EPISODE 6 “Lilith’s Curse”

EPISODE 7 “No Such Thing” 

Funded by Telefilm and Talent Fund through the Micro-budget Production Program.

Thank you to the Island Media Arts Coop, Telefilm and the Talent Fund for making this dream come true. We are ridiculously excited!!!


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