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Patti Larsen & Renee Laprise - Co-Founders of the Lovely Witches Club Creative Community

The Lovely Witches Club came to be in 2008, begun by Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen as a way to gather like-minded women together, a forum for expressive and enthusiastic creativity. It was about expression and acceptance, dressing up and having fun, sharing and being connected. The group very quickly gained an active online social media presence, with over 250 international members and lots of interaction.

In 2009, Patti and Renee organized and held the first Witches Ball in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They had three weeks to plan and coordinate an evening of live performance art acts, games, food and music. It was a blast and very well received. In 2010 the Witches Ball grew into an outright stage show with bands, dancers, actors and even an opera piece.

After this event, Patti and Renee decided to park LWC for a while and focus on their own creative projects. Patti blossomed into a full time award-winning novelist and Renee continued with her art, shot several short films and became the Executive Director of the Island Media Arts Coop (IMAC). In 2015 Renee was feeling a need to revisit LWC and decided to bring her art in under that umbrella. Together, the original lovely witches partnered with the Haviland Club in Charlottetown on Halloween night to have another Witches Ball. It sold out and sparked a revived interest in the community.

When Telefilm announced that they would be including web series in their Micro-budget Production Program, Renee and Patti decided to quickly pull together a concept and shoot a trailer. And the rest is history. The LWC Web Series is now complete and started airing on May 1, 2017 with the launch of the new Lovely Witches Club Creative Community.

Happy Beltane to all!

Renee Laprise - LWC Co-Founder - Join the Lovely Witches Club today!RENEE LAPRISE has been in television and internet media production for over 15 years as a professional editor and now director and creative producer. She has an extensive network of gifted artists who help her create the content and as a practicing artist herself, Renee infuses all of her work with artistic flair and a touch of magic.

Patti Larsen - LWC Co-Founder - Join the Lovely Witches Club today!PATTI LARSEN is an award-winning author with a passion for the paranormal. Now with multiple series in happy publication, she lives in PEI with her patient husband and multitude of pets.


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