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We believe that it is in authentic creative expression that we develop our most incredible power. So if you’ve been looking for a place to explore your authentic, creative self with like-minded supportive people, the Lovely Witches Club is definitely for you! Hear what some of our members have to say:

“I was invited by Patti Larsen at the beginning of the Lovely Witches Club and am really happy that I said yes. By being a member of the LWC I have met many wonderful creative people that have opened up my world in a big way.

I was just starting my business Atlantic Hypnosis Centre at that time and felt so welcomed by the group. I have realized that I am a creative person. The networking with others has helped my business grow. The support of other Lovely Witches is tremendous. When I think of all of the creativity in the group it amazes me.

I have participated in being an extra in the LWC web series, attended the Witches Ball and attended other activities and have always felt very welcome. The best part is that I did not have to make a big commitment. I can say yes when I feel like saying yes.

We really are a magical group that supports and helps others discover and encourage their talents.”

Darlene Waye, Owner Atlantic Hypnosis Centre, Charlottetown PEI

“Luckily for me I turned on the radio at the right time, in my car and CBC was interviewing Renee Laprise about the Lovely Witches Club Web Series, last summer. I instantly pulled over, and contacted them. After an audition for the series, I was offered the delicious role as Zephira. I don’t live in PEI but spend a lot of time there, and this club not only offered a great role, but also a hub where I could express myself and not feel weird. Well… actually, it was and is a place where I can embrace my weirdness without judgement. Thank you for existing and giving me a Wiccan home. (plus I’m learning a lot)”

Trilby Jeeves Owner, BuffooneryWorkshops.com, Vancouver, BC

 “Being part of the Lovely Witches Club has connected me with some of my most favourite creative partners, mentors and inspirers. In the years since I joined, through workshops I’ve attended and relationships I’ve developed, I’ve gained inspiration and confidence to write, to build and to create at a higher level than I had ever reached on my own. Lovely Witches Club makes you feel as though anything is possible and no dream is too big.”

Kirstin, Charlottetown

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