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Pay What You Wish!

Here’s how it works: when you sign up for access to the Lovely Witches Club, you’ll be asked to select from a choice of payment options, from $0-$10. It’s up to you to decide what feels right for you for all that witchy goodness! And every month thereafter, you’ll be prompted to renew your commitment to you and the club. That’s it! It’s totally easy and completely at your discretion. It’s our goal to make sure everyone can afford to express their witchiness in every witch way!

Registering gets you access to the LWC novelettes as they are released. That’s 7 in total! Once you register tell us the format of the book you would like (KOBO, Kindle, PDF) and we’ll send them to you FREE.

$10 Head Witch

$9 Coven Leader

$8 Coven Second

$7 Spell Caster

$6 Potion Maker

$5 Moon Maiden

$4 Broom Rider

$3 Candle Lighter

$2 Cauldron Bubbler

$1 Wand Waver

$0 Lovely Witch

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