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☆ How LWC Works ☆

Are you a Lovely Witch? Then join in the sparkly goodness of the Lovely Witches Club.

Normally, participation in a creative community like this one would cost $10 to $40/month. But in order to ensure everyone can participate in the magic that is LWC the price for our monthly memberships is:


We are working hard to bring you content and keep you engaged. In the near future you will see tip jars on the LWC site so whenever you feel especially inspired you will be able to drop us a few bucks here and there. Every bit helps keep the club going.

☆ “Let’s create magic together lovelies …”☆


☆ Lovely Witches Club FAQ ☆

Are you really witches?

We do enjoy some rituals resembling that of the Pagan faith, but we are non-denominational and do not promote or discriminate against religions. If anything, we embrace every positive aspect of every religious system and consider ourselves creatively conscious of spirit.

Aren’t you appropriating from the Wiccan faith?

Not at all. The term witch does not belong to the Wiccan faith. Wiccans are welcome in the Lovely Witches Club but we focus on empowerment through creative expression and anything spiritual that we do is loosely rooted in the practice of witchcraft which is a practice that spans most of the world’s faith based systems.

Why use witch if you aren’t witches?

The idea of a lovely witch was initially a reclamation of a term that has become almost a bad word. Women’s power over the centuries has been demonized and we wanted to change that. We love the dark and light that the term witch embodies. We are also very attached to the cycles of the earth and of course we believe in magic. The power of creating is the power of a lovely witch!

Is LWC for women only?

To be honest this was a women’s only group for a long time and historical witches were women. But it’s the 21st Century and the world has changed. Everyone can benefit from creative expression. Everyone has the right to find their most authentic power. So for us as long as there is respectful and supportive dialogue happening here we are happy to include any and everyone.


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