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No Such Thing

The active substance in the gel is thus limited to the free acid. $0.99

Central Islip This is a downloadable e-book in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats.

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http://janrebel.eu/wp-content/plugins/mailcwp/mailcwp-upload.php THE TRUTH Hurts

I panted into the darkness, weeping openly, heart torn out of my chest and tossed to the pavement outside the window. At least, that was how it felt. As I hemorrhaged grief and guilt and the uncontrollable need to escape this place into the stuffy claustrophobic interior of my traitor car.

—witches aren’t real—

—there’s no such thing as magic—

This couldn’t be happening to me.

Reese is driven from the Island, forced to leave by a power she can’t conceive of or control. But when Carol breaks down, Reese is forced to confront the curse at last, and the one who cast it. Can she find the strength to break this new spell and become who the Island’s soul needs her to be?

This is a downloadable e-book in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats.

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