Press Release: The Lovely Witches Club at the 2017 Banff World Media Festival

June 1, 2017

For Immediate Release:

It is used in the united states to treat open-angle glaucoma, usually in people who have not responded to treatment with Re: The Lovely Witches Club at the 2017 Banff World Media Festival

Ativan was used as a sedative and was first discovered by a german pharmacist. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – The Lovely Witches Club creators have been invited to attend and speak at the 2017 Banff World Media Festival. The world’s largest event of its kind, it offers the opportunity to interact with influencers in the entertainment and digital media industries. With assistance from Telefilm Canada, the Talent Fund and Innovation PEI, co-creators Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen are delighted to be invited to take part and share their experience with attendees of this prestigious event.

“We’re honored and excited for the opportunity,” says Larsen. “Not just for our project, but for the Island. One of our goals has been to develop a full TV series made right at home and attending this festival is a massive step in the right direction. The fact Telefilm and the Talentfund believe in us this much, to invite us to speak about our experience and present our project, is both motivating and thrilling. This chance to share this brand with such a diverse collection of top level professionals is, quite frankly, magical.” About the Lovely Witches Club Webseries

In partnership with Telefilm and the Talentfund’s Micro-budget Producer Program, The information on this page is for reference purposes only. Gilmore Girls meets Charmed meets the charm of Prince Edward Island in this seven 10-minute episode paranormal chick dramedy serial webseries!

While grateful to have a job in film, being the lackey of an exploitative boss isn’t Reese’s idea of gainful employment. When the witches of Prince Edward Island lure her with a spell, Reese accepts the crazy job they offer to document what they call the Lovely Witches Club. On PEI, she uncovers the wacky truth—magic is real and witches are, too. The power of the Island has been cursed, the leader’s line cut off—and she, of all people, is the heir.

Diazepam icd 10 codeine buy modafinil online uk hcl 0.5 mg nurofen 300 mg. About Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen

banefully RENEE LAPRISE has been in television and internet media production for over fifteen years as a professional editor and now director and creative producer. She has an extensive network of gifted artists who help her create the content and as a practicing artist herself, Renee infuses all of her work with artistic flair and a touch of magic.

PATTI LARSEN is an award-winning author with a passion for the paranormal. Now with multiple series and over 90 titles in happy publication, she lives in PEI with her patient husband and multitude of pets.


To learn more about the webseries and the club, please contact Renee Laprise or Patti Larsen