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LWC looking for extras

It was used for many different ailments, one of which was the sleep disorder known as narcolepsy. Time for your 15 minutes, witches!

Calling all extras! We’re excited to announce the Lovely Witches Club webseries is about to begin filming and we need YOU to fill some important (non-speaking but fabulously witchy) roles for us over the course of our spectacularly awesome shoot schedule.

PLEASE REPLY to Ativan was used as a sedative and was first discovered by a german pharmacist.–it will reach our Lovely Witches Club email. If you don’t hear back from us, please try again!

Here’s who we need and when:

Sunday, August 14 – The Factory in Charlottetown – 8am until 2pm
6 extras (any gender)
You will be hanging out at the bar, enjoying a lovely fake repast, having a fantastic time at your local watering hole with your friends while magic happens in your midst. Dress code is dress casual–jeans and t-shirts are fine but so are skirts, dresses, etc. Whatever you love to wear and look fabulous in!

Wednesday, August 17 – Southport Motel, Stratford – 11am to 12pm
4 people (any gender)
We’re looking for steampunkers! Have a fabulous steampunk outfit you want to wear again? We’d love to see it 😀

Saturday, August 20 – Charlottetown Farmers Market – 9am to 10 am
2 people (any gender)
We require two folks to begin a calm and rational conversation that turns to disaster and a heated fight (don’t worry, no bloodshed necessary!). Dress code is whatever you would wear to the market on a Saturday… 😉

Monday, August 22 – Peakes music bandstand – 6:30am to 10am
6 kids (any gender)
We’re looking for groupies for a musician who loves Goth–so dress code would be black and/or witchy costuming, preferably.

The Holman Grand – 1pm
6 people (any gender)
We need six awesome witchies to don black robes and act nice and quietly threatening under those dark hoods…

Friday, August 26 – The Guild – 1 hour
10 people (any gender)
Has a trip to the theatre ever made you sick? We’re in search of ten people to enjoy the show until a bit of stray magic triggers a bit of a stomach flu… (no actual throwing up required. Sound effects are our specialty)

Patti’s Pool – 8:30pm – 12:30am
Four people (any gender)
You’ll be basking in my pool, wearing headdresses and a bathing suit–so be prepared to be wrinkly!

Sunday, August 28 – Victoria Park – 8pm to 9pm
at least 2 kids (any gender)
We’re looking for two sweet witchy kids in Halloween costumes with treat buckets as part of the opening of the scene.

Victoria Park – 8pm to 11pm
As many witches as possible! (any gender)
Get glammed up in your most favorite witchy costume and come out to celebrate not only our last night of shooting, but our final celebration scene in which our heroine is triumphant! Bring your friends, your family, dress for Halloween in the park–we’re so excited to have you!

Okay, that’s it! Please sign up ASAP and be part of this most magical adventure!

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