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LWC Episode Six • Extra Two

“How to Tame Your Witch”

The information on this page is for reference purposes only. When and How to Divest a Witch of Her Magic – buy Lyrica in canada from the introduction to Chapter Thirty-Three in However, there is not a single person (with a single disease or. The Compulsory Handbook of Coven Leadership by Mary MacDonald (1864)

Our power is a sacred trust, one that we must bear with fortitude and faith. It is our responsibility, in those dark times when a witch turns to the shadows and out of our light, to ensure the safety and protection of all others, both normal and witch alike. The very foundation of our Island depends on us.

It is terrible business, the divestiture of power from a witch, and not undertaken lightly. While the reasons for such an act are listed in detail in further pages, please know even writing this instruction brings great weight to my heart. But do not falter or show weakness in the act. Compassion and empathy both serve the steadfast witch, as does surety of purpose. We can be equally kind and firm in all things, including the protection of our home and power.

A caution here—this act is not to be done in moments of passionate anger nor out of spite or need to control. Only in the most extreme circumstances, voted on by all coven leaders, will the following be acceptable. Any witch caught divesting power of others out of the hallowed circle of our trust will herself be subject to her own loss of magic.

Heed well the light and steer you away from the darkness.

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