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She’s the long lost heir to an island of witches and their dying power with two choices: break the curse destroying her legacy or run away screaming…

LOVELY WITCHES CLUB: THE WEBSERIES by Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen

In partnership with Telefilm and the Talentfund’s Micro-budget Producer Program

Gilmore Girls meets Charmed meets the charm of Prince Edward Island in this seven 10-minute episode paranormal chick dramedy serial webseries


While grateful to have a job in film, being the lackey of an exploitative boss isn’t Reese’s idea of gainful employment. When the witches of Prince Edward Island lure her with a spell, Reese accepts the crazy job they offer to document what they call the Lovely Witches Club. On PEI, she uncovers the wacky truth—magic is real and witches are, too. The power of the Island has been cursed, the leader’s line cut off—and she, of all people, is the heir.

Battling her jaded suspicions and the curse, Reese challenges her new witch friends for proof and, in doing so, uncovers the traitor who shattered her family’s magic. A terrifying spell is nearly her undoing. But the chance to be part of a family, part of something she’s longed for her whole life, drives Reese to step up, embrace her power and take her place in the Lovely Witches Club. Too bad she has no idea how to be a witch…


Based in the present day, the Lovely Witches Club leads the viewer through the stunning scenery, into the joyful music and sinks you deep in the culture and welcoming heart of Prince Edward Island—with a paranormal twist. Secret covens are tasked with tending the power that keeps everything healthy, prosperous and safe, influencing the environment, the economy and more. Though covens are run by a political hierarchy and large decisions must be approved by all coven leaders, the Lovely Witches Club act outside the rules and the orders of The Island’s ultimate leader on a regular basis.


Witches are real. And so is magic. Which leaves only one question:

Are you a Lovely Witch?

Season One Trailer

The Lovely Witches Club: THE CLUB

The Lovely Witches Club came to be as a way to gather like-minded women together, a forum for expressive and enthusiastic creativity. It was about expression and acceptance, dressing up and having fun, sharing and being connected. The group very quickly gained an active online social media presence, with over 250 international members and lots of interaction.

About Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen

RENEE LAPRISE has been in television and internet media production for over fifteen years as a professional editor and now director and creative producer. She has an extensive network of gifted artists who help her create the content and as a practicing artist herself, Renee infuses all of her work with artistic flair and a touch of magic.

PATTI LARSEN is an award-winning author with a passion for the paranormal. Now with multiple series and over 90 titles in happy publication, she lives in PEI with her patient husband and multitude of pets.

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Contact for Media

To learn more about the webseries and the club, please contact Renee Laprise or Patti Larsen:


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