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“Love Letters to Mother Earth” Creativity Challenge

Welcome Lovelies, to our first official Creativity Challenge. We are so excited to be able to create together again and the cool thing is that it you can participate from anywhere in the world! So let’s get down to it shall we?

First off, I have to say, this challenge comes about because of a film I watched this past weekend called Chasing Coral. It investigates the catastrophic effects that global warming is having on the coral in the ocean and it’s scary and heartbreaking. But instead of burying our heads in the sand it’s more of a wake up call to do something. So we thought about what we could do as a collective.

Throughout the ages witches have held a reverence for the elements and have worked and played with them to explore and experiment with their magical properties. It’s this deep love for Mother Earth and all she provides for us that we want to celebrate in our first Creativity Challenge.

Starting today we will host a forum on the Lovely Witches Club website where you will be able to share your “Love Letters to Mother Earth”. These creative expressions can take form in any style from painting to poetry, from video to music, from a spell to a recipe. Express however your creative force flows. You do have to be an up to date member of the LWC but remember it’s PAY WHAT YOU WISH so everyone can participate. 

This challenge will run from now until Sept 29th and all those who share their work with us will be entered into a draw to WIN some sweet sweet merch from the LWC shop! Winners will be announced at the Culture Days LWC screening happening the evening of the 30th. (still working on the details for that event!)

During this event we will also be burning offerings for Mother Earth. Wishes, thoughts, words of love can be sent to us via the forum and we will burn those to close the event.

We can’t tell you how happy we are to be able to share creative energy with fellow witchies again. And if anyone is looking to have a maker party give us a shout and maybe we can get together.

Much love and magic,

Renee and Patti


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