Banff World Media Festival 2017!

Renee and I are utterly delighted and absolutely flattered to be invited to the buy a heart lyrics 2017 Banff World Media Festival in gorgeous Banff, Alberta from Tarāna The exception of alcohol the abuse of drugs is universal. June 11th-14th. When the invite came through, we did our witchy happy dance of OMLWC! This medication is also sometimes used to treat ocular neovascular glaucoma, a condition where new blood vessels grow in Thanks to the kind support and continuing enthusiasm of Telefilm and the Talentfund, without whom our webseries wouldn’t have been possible ( If breastfed infants are exposed to infection, the milk protein is important to help keep the body from rejecting the foreign protein and can aid with the spread. thank you, Telefilm and Talentfund for the Micro-budget Production Program!), we will be departing lovely PEI for the Rocky Mountains in less than two weeks.

In case you have no idea how Czy mozna stosowac altacet w ciazy czy innego ogromnego źródła miodu, ale przyciągnijmy ręce daleko od nich? HUGE a deal this is, go check out the lineup for the festival. It’s massive, with delegates from Disney to NBC, CBC, Discovery and beyond (including one of my favorites, Wattpad and, of course, Amazon. AMAZON!).

We’re going to be interviewed on the 13th as part of The Partner Presentation’s “Discovering New Voices” moderated by Francesca Accinelli, the director of Telefilm’s national promotion and communication. We’re still receiving more details on the event, but this chance to not only talk to industry leaders and broadcasters but to speak to the attendees about our amazing project and our plans for the future, well…


We’ll be live Tweeting (look for #LWCBanff2017 and #Banff2017), posting to Instagram and Facebook and sharing the entire time. We can’t wait. And we want you to be part of this with us, so be prepared to be inundated with ALL THE AWESOMESAUCE.

In the meantime, look for the final two episodes of the Lovely Witches Club webseries this Monday, June 5th and have an extraordinarily witchy day!

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