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The Lovely Witches Club was incredibly blessed to have been able to include the music  of wonderful Island women musicians, Tara MacLean, Maikayla Choy, Kinley Dowling and Emilee Sorrey. Click on the song titles below to find where you can buy the songs featured in the LWC Webseries.

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Tara MacLean is a singer, songwriter, and award winning recording and touring artist. From break-out pop hits (“If I Fall”) to country-crossover (“Happy Baby”) her style is reflective of her deep roots in Gospel and the Folk Music of her East Coast Canadian upbringing. She has been signed with Nettwerk, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Capitol Records and EMI Canada (with her band Shaye).  Her three solo albums were released to high acclaim, garnering extensive film and television placements, as well international touring and radio play. Tucked away on the West Coast artist-colony of Salt Spring Island, Canada, MacLean now focuses on collaborative songwriting more than recording and touring. This allows her a professional creative outlet while still being present for her small children.  That said, on the off chance she does perform live, it’s something you do not want to miss.

http://janrebel.eu/100jaar/nggallery/album-9/laren-velthuijsenlaan-1913 ☆ MAIKAYLA CHOY ☆

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“Starlight” featured in episode 3

“On the Floor” featured in episode 4

Along with playing Piper in LWC, Maikayla contributed several songs to the sound track including our closing song “Spooky”. Maikayla is working on getting her recordings up for sale but until then you can enjoy theses songs and more on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Fox Wild is a contemporary singer/songwriter and recording artist from Prince Edward Island. Her fascination for performance art and the paranormal is evident in her style and lyrics, creating underground music for the spooky and misunderstood.


“Golden Days”  featured in episode 1

“Blackbird”  featured in episode 5

Kinley is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

While she’s known as a member of Newfoundland’s Indie ensemble HEY ROSETTA!, she’s also an emerging singer-songwriter and recently released her solo debut album LETTERS NEVER SENT as KINLEY in October 2016.

The seven-song album was recorded at the Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown and produced by Paper Lions’ Colin Buchanan. Thayne Campbell of Sorrey, Andy MacDonald of Two Hours Traffic, Andrew Murray of English Words. and singer-songwriter Rose Cousins also contributed to the record. Each song is letter of sorts, addressed to a different and specific person, and brought to life in a tropically tinged indie-pop style that is an overall treat for the senses.

As many local and regional acts know, Kinley is one of the most sought after string players when a group decides to make an album. She has recorded on over 50 records over the span of her career and her album credits include: Hey Rosetta!, Matt Mays, Jenn Grant, Two Hours Traffic, Molly Rankin, In Flight Safety, Buck 65, Classified, Rita McNeil, Dennis Ellsworth, and many more.


“Lost and Found”  featured in episode 4

The group describes their sound as “a carbonated mix of dream pop, creating sweet, airy melodies to wash over crisp performances…drifting lo-fi guitars and electro synth hooks through sun-soaked soundscapes.”

The band is led by singer and guitarist Emilee Sorrey and delivers an unapologetic reminder of how the heart pulses strongly during our fading romances.

SORREY layer analog synthesizers, nylon-string guitars and vintage drum machines, all borrowed from sentimental 80s records, to cultivate an EP that they say they hope is uniquely stylish and contemporary.

Island producer and multi-instrumentalist Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions) is Emilee Sorrey’s creative collaborator. They are joined by Charlottetown scene notables Willow Bell (keys), Thayne Campbell (drums) and Andrew Murray (guitar).

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Buchanan at the Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown, PEI.