☆ Lovely Witches Club Ep 5 ☆

EPISODE 5 “Rate My Beach” – Air Date/May 29, 2017

Watch the fifth episode in this seven part web series (air date schedule).

In EPISODE 5, Reese’s competition swoops into town leaving her feeling vulnerable and defeated but Reese soon comes to realize her own potential.

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Reese’s frustration is made worse by the appearance of her rival, Missy Prince. Happy to rub in her new directing job, Missy tries to muscle in on the handsome Jack who could possibly be Mr. Right when Reese’s life has been so much of oh, so wrong. But Missy’s appearance triggers some unexpected answers and forces Reese to face the fact she might not like the real story about who she is and why she’s on Prince Edward Island…

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By award-winning author (and Lovely Witches Club Co-Founder) Patti Larsen!

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